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terça-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2013

A Beach Hotel in Brazil Northeast near Fortaleza. The Hotel Villaggio Tudo Bom. Uruau, Ceará State, Brazil

 The Hotel Villaggio Tudo Bom is located  in  URUAU beach, east coast,  Ceara state, Brazil.
 Uruau beach is idyllic and still  under discovered sandy  beach, well known for being one of the best places in the world for kite surfing practice. The continuous windy days and the omnipresent sun make this spot a dream destination for this sport practice. Located 60 miles/90 km from Fortaleza airport, one of the biggest Brazilian cities, it is amazing that a place like Uruau still exists. Perhaps for being neighbor of the famous Canoa quebrada beach, once considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, and near Praia das Fontes and Morro Branco, two very popular local beaches, Uruau remained unexploited. The progress is arriving slowly at this place. There is a small village with some summer vacation houses and a few inhabitants. Uurau is still a place to walk through the beach for some hours, safely,  taking a nap, eating seafood and most of all, relaxing.

If you want to get there, take a transfer arranged to the hotel or the road CE040, in very good conditions until the Sucatinga district 10 miles/ 20 km after the Beberibe city entrance (Ceara East Coast- Costa Leste) . Follow the main road until the village rose church, turn around it and take the way to Uruau. After some 4 miles/6km of a good road you will be arriving at Uruau. There will be some Hotel Villagio pictures on your way leading you to this nice hotel. (PAY ATTENTION: During your final driving do not take the road to “Barra”).

 Once you arrive to Hotel Villagio” tudo bom”, which means “ all is fine” you will find a real  fine preserved site, not located  by the beach, but a 5 minutes walking, location justified because it is important to stay a little away from the beach, since in this place the live sandy dunes are unpredictable and they  can be a huge problem for any building near to the sea  in this part of the country. But the beach is not really far. I used to go walking every day. The sand is clear but can get really hot. Do not forget to carry a good Brazilian hawaianas sandals and sun screen applied 30 minutes before getting to the beach. Take a small amount of money for a coconut water during your beach walk. I preferred to walk to the left side, on the direction of the kite surfing practices, and the huge windcatchers passing by until a nearby beach, walking by the sea for 1 to 2 hours. Just unforgettable. After some time walking, there is the nearby Diogo beach where you can stop and take some natural sulphur water baths from small waterfalls/springlets  that come from the dunes and a very small bar with coconut water and beer. Beware that car traffic, though prohibited is very common through the beach sands.

 The hotel has some 20 rooms and half of them with air-conditioning, which is advisable near the equator. The weather never goes down on 80 F/30C, but the wind, always present, will make your stay very pleasant. The room choice depends on your budget, but you can choose from small but very nice rooms to suites, all finely decorated. The one we have chosen was very nice, with all commodities one can have and even with International TVs and Wi-Fi and 3g coverage.
Hotel Villaggio plan is divided in four blocks of apartments with two small pools on the center, a bar and a restaurant. All areas  are very finally decorated, and the environment will make you feel comfortable. There is sometime a music scene by the pool with nice Brazilian jazz music and bossa nova, what is increasingly rare in Brazil. The service is first class  and individual. 

You will be received by Manuela and Enzo, a Brazilian very fine lady and a fine Italian guest who will receive you as you were their personal guests. The Europeans make half of the guests here and the other half are Brazilians. You will have no problem of language communication and even if you had it the hotel staff will always be prompt with a smile to solve any questions you have.
You should be aware that Uruau is a very calm place , so little problems as the shower water volume and the water heating system will not work fabulous , but you will not be bothered by its minor problems , since the warm weather will make you forget it after a refreshing bath.
The hotel restaurant is very good and the seafood platters are a nice option as also the night Italian style pizzas.

Do not forget to try the Brazilian national drink, the caipirinha, by the pool or in the nice hotel bar.
Hotel Villagio staff is its best. They are always worried about your well being and will offer you their best to make you feel at home. Do not forget to have a tour arranged by the hotel to the nearby beaches, which are outstanding beautiful.  

 Uruau Villaggio is the right place to feel away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, to relax, to read a nice book, to take a nap, to sleep, and to talk about life with other guests. If you plan to visit Brazil during the 2014 WC you should consider this place, since it is near Fortaleza, one of the main matches cities during the WC. Otherwise this is a nice place to be out of the world for a few days anytime you want.

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